Fun for all! Corn maze, zip line, jumping pillow, haunted house and more!

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M-Thur 4-9p F 4-10p

Sat 10a-10p Sun 1-6p


Fri & Sat nights.

Starts at dark*

Our Story


Bonnie and I united in marriage September 29, 1972, with a debt of $4,500.00 in the purchase of a used mobile home. Both from backgrounds of meager means. I had just finished my second year of college (first person in our family to attend college) Bonnie had a full time job and I worked a part time job till I graduated. After leaving the farm I swore that I would never have dirt under my finger nails again, but being a teacher

and having the summers off I began to purchase and sell some produce off the back of a pickup truck at the intersection near our home where local farmer gathered to sell their products. Shortly there after a local farmer that built a produce market on their property got the roadside farmers market shut down. This highly upset Bonnie and I so we purchased this property(1982) to allow farmers in the area to park and sell their produce and to grown and sell our own. Because of our meager backgrounds bets were placed at the local watering hole on how long it would take us to lose our property to repossession. This really lit our fire and made us want to succeed that much more.


The farmers market idea didn’t work out, the locals decided to sell out of their garage and sheds, but our produce market did well into the year 2000 when we converted to agri-tourism when our area became saturated with produce markets what a great move, since that time we have received the golden heart award and our 2010 maze won the worlds largest maze companies award for the best maze design. The year 2015 will again bring major change to the farm. We are moving toward year round activities such as birthday parties, company picnics, reunions, church outings and away from weddings. This allows us to have multiple groups each weekend instead of being tied to one group.


Our greatest joy is to watch out grandchildren enjoy our farm activities over and over thinking they will eventually get tired of them but they never do. It is also our pleasure to open our farm to school groups to promote agriculture and education and to allow visitors to enjoy our farm activities. We have been truly blessed over the years and hope you will continually bless us with your presence at Fenders Farm where “The fun never stops.”


Carroll, Bonnie, Ricky, Annette, Mike, Hannah, Sadie, and Parker


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