Our Roots

are home grown...

With over a hundred years of family tradition, Fender's Farm aims to bring the funnest family time in the region with multiple education programs and the famous Maize at Fender's Farm!

If you have questions regarding any of our attractions or amenities, please contact us using the button below. In the time being, take a minute to look over the rest of the page and learn a little about our history. Who started Fender's Farm? When was it started? How did we get into haunted activities? We're family around here so we'd like to share a little bit about ourselves.


Feel Welcome

This was my first time visiting and love it. I would definitely recommend it!


The Maize

Awesome farm, lots of fun! We came looking for a corn maze but there is so much more to see and do. Great for the young and young at heart! Really enjoyed all the activities.



My family loved your farm. The maze was great, the pumpkin and gourd selection was great, the activities we're great, and the kids area in the back was so simple and fun. I realized kids don't need expensive, extravagant activities,…